Beyond Introduction to Gardening - The Practicals

Tracy Browne - Operations Manager, Walworth Garden (new course)

With 30 years experience as a gardener, Tracy Browne, Operations Manager at Walworth Garden, is well placed to offer practical guidance on the things you need to know to garden successfully. She has been involved in the creation and maintenance of countless green sites and is the first port of call when it comes to growing food or flowers. 

Her career began as a successful florist before realising that the incorporation of root care would mean a lengthier display of blooms. She has a keen eye for the plants that look good together and her knowledge of  edibles and how to propagate is unsurpassed. On a daily basis, Tracy ensures that Walworth Garden is viewed at its very best to all visitors. Working behind the scenes in our greenhouses, dividing and seed sowing and then at the display end of the Charity, ensuring everything is in place for maximum effect. 

Having successfully run the course 'Introduction to Gardening' for many years, she has led the very new gardener to the starting point and set them free to explore. 
“Tracy was amazing and informative. I learnt a huge amount!”

This new course is Tracy's long awaited opportunity to lead workshop attendees to the next level, negotiating the prizes and pitfalls that gardeners of all experiences face on a daily basis. Not to be missed.

Areas that will be considered during this two day workshop will be:

  • Urban growing
  • Climate & conditions
  • Using the correct tools ( what do i need for the job)
  • Soil types
  • Plant I.D
  • Preparing the ground
  • When and how to plant
  • Pruning
  • Plant care (watering, feeding etc
  • Propagation
  • Pest and diseases
  • Food growing


What you need to know

This is a two day workshop

We recommend that you attend our Introduction to Gardening workshop before hand, however this is not essential 

All equipment will be provided on the day.

The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page.

If you're a Southwark resident of more than 2 years and are over 19 years old you can attend one free workshop a year with us!* We ask that you pay a £10 deposit for your place which will be refunded electronically on the next working day after the workshop. We have a limited number of free places, so make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!

Please note that when selecting the ticket type Southwark / Lambeth Resident you must be over 19 years old and have lived in Southwark for more than 2 years. If you have attended a workshop with us as a funded Southwark / Lambeth Resident place within September 2017 and July 2018; and would like to attend more workshops, then you will be required to pay.