The Urban Garden - The Challenges and Possibilities - 13/8/18


The Urban Garden - The Challenges and Possibilities - 13/8/18

from 30.00

Oliver Haden - CEO and Head Gardener, Walworth Garden (new course)

Having gardened both professionally and personally for over 40 years, Oli will be guiding you through planning and design to fruition. From understanding the potential of your site to the practical steps you might take to see it actually take shape and all the challenges you might encounter on the way.

Working with nature and ever mindful of the impact we gardeners can have on the environment, join this workshop and get the chance to look at your own site through the eyes of a professional.

Oli has successfully created countless urban gardens and guided clients to make the most appropriate decisions. He brings a breadth of knowledge and experience that will encourage you to consider your next steps when planning your own green space. From the initial understanding of site, screening and aspect, to the urban microclimate, Oli will be demystifying some of the terminology that novice gardeners might encounter on the journey to creating your own distinct urban paradise

Whether you have just started creating your space or are in the middle of something exciting, join this workshop to energise and radicalise your thinking!

Areas that will be considered during this two day workshop will be:

  • The particularities of urban gardening - The Precious Space

  • Developing your own style - planting,  1950s suburbia

  • Site, aspect, boundaries, screening out the neighbours.

  • Rising to the challenges of your own individual site

  • Hard and soft landscaping

  • Utility areas, water, storage etc

  • The Art of Planting - evergreen and deciduous  - trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, climbers and weeds -what, when, where and why?

  • How to draw your site to aid your planning

  • Which plants and how to plant them - what sort of gardener will you be?

  • Plant and colour palettes

  • Ph and soil types - what action to take if any.

You are encouraged to bring  photographs and/or drawings of your garden.

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