Aromatherapy for Sleep, Relaxation & Stress

Aromatherapy for Sleep, Relaxation & Stress is a 10-hour workshop spread over two days with expert Aromatherapist, Tanya Moulding.

The course covers beginner basics and tips to get you started in using essential oils safely; good basic knowledge of key essential oils, blending techniques and practical skills.  The workshop is structured to allow adequate time for group and individual work, questions and answers, as well as written notes to take away, with additional suggestions and recipes to tailor at home.  

We shall explore the following topics and you will learn how to create three bespoke products:

  • Understand and discuss role of immune/respiratory and muscular/skeletal system, common conditions, causes and symptoms

  • Explore relevant historical and folklore use of plants and the therapeutic benefits, aromas and application methods of 16 essentials oils

  • Discuss and understand simple and effective blending for home and family use, how to use essential oils to ease symptoms, promote relief and comfort

  • How to adapt ingredients and application methods to suit individual needs, and changing seasonal/environmental conditions.

  • Guidance on safety, dilutions, storage, creating formulas and record keeping


Meet Tanya Moulding

Having donned many varied ‘job hats’ – some more glamorous and fitting than others, I trained with the Tisserand Institute and finally found my groove as an Aromatherapist, combining my love of plants, nature, healing, wellbeing and lifestyle with the unique combination of touch and smell. Since leaving the office behind, I have been working within the field of olfaction for over 15 years, combining my clinical practice as an Aromatherapist with education/training and developing creative, interactive events, exploring ‘smell’ and its many therapeutic and psychological effects.  

I truly love to sniff out unusual odours, create products, investigate the history and uses of plants and their extracts and offer innovative ways to reconnect with our senses and the world around us, using smell as the platform. 

What You Need To Know

  • No previous experience is required!

  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy is a two day workshop starting Saturday 10:00 - 15:00 & Sunday 10:00 - 15:00

  • All equipment will be provided on the day.

  • The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page.

  • The workshop is £90 for both days.


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