"We once grew food without chemicals, but we never grew food without bees"
Elise B.C.

The Beekeeping taster course is a 10 hour course spread over two days for adults over 19 years old and will include a mix of discussion in the classroom and demonstration in the  apiary.

The course aims to introduce participants to the way beekeeping involves working with the bees’ natural instincts and how bees provide humans with a useful indicator as to the health of our environment.

Participants (properly suited!) will spend time examining bees close-up and identifying some of the aspects of bee behavior we will have discussed in class including:

  • Lifecycle of the individual bee
  • Lifecycle of the honeybee colony
  • Bee cooperation and communication
  • Requirements of the honeybee colony
  • Beekeeping as a collaboration
  • Examples of beekeeping methods, techniques and equipment.

Meet Tristram Sutton

Tristram Sutton started beekeeping 5 years ago and is now hooked. He not only keeps bees at home but this is his third year of managing the apiary at Walworth Garden where he also teaches. He has mentored the bee club at the National Portrait Gallery and is a trustee of the London Beekeeping Association. In addition to his experience of keeping bees he has also passed the BBKA Basic Assessment.

What you need to know

No previous experience is required!

Beekeeping is a two day workshop that will start on Friday at 15:00 - 18:00 and will be continued on Saturday 10:00 - 17:00

Your bee-suit will be provided on the day

Please remember to bring footwear and socks that cover both feet and ankles

The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page



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