Botanical Gin Flavouring

Gin-spirations - an introduction to create an infused bespoke gin. Join Tanya for a botanical adventure exploring fruits, spices, flowers and herbs to select and create your own bespoke infused gin.  

You will:

  • Have a whistle-stop tour through the history of Gin

  • Discuss and sample the key aromatic botanicals used in popular gins

  • Understand flavour pairings, botanical profiles and blending

  • Develop our personal recipe, select and combine to infuse in our Gin base

  • Create a 200ml bespoke infused gin to take home

  • Advice on tonics, mixers and garnishes to further develop your mixology skills.  

  • Alternative recipe suggestions will also be provided for home experimenting

gin botanicals shot2.jpg

Meet Tanya Moulding

Having donned many varied ‘job hats’ – some more glamorous and fitting than others, Tanya trained with the Tisserand Institute and finally found her groove as an Aromatherapist, combining my love of plants, nature, healing, wellbeing and lifestyle with the unique combination of touch and smell. Since leaving the office behind, she has been working within the field of olfaction for over 15 years, combining my clinical practice as an Aromatherapist with education/training and developing creative, interactive events, exploring ‘smell’ and its many therapeutic and psychological effects.  
She truly loves to sniff out unusual odours, create products, investigate the history and uses of plants and their extracts and offer innovative ways to reconnect with our senses and the world around us, using smell as the platform.

What you need to know

  • No previous experience needed!

  • All materials will be supplied

  • Refreshments will be provided throughout

  • The workshop is for ages 18 and over only.

  • The workshop is taking place at the Garden, go to our Visit Us page for more details on how to find us.