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Herbal Medicine - Digestion, detoxification and root health

Friday 24 March 18:00 - 21:00 & Saturday 25 March 10:00 - 17:00

For anyone who has previously participated in an Introduction to Herbal Medicine workshop, or who has a particular interest in any advanced sessions.

What do we need for healthy eating and nourishment, physically and emotionally? How do the systems and environments we live in affect our processing of what we take in, and put out? This workshop will explore the processes of digestion and elimination and how we can best support healthy, effective balance as individuals and communities, with plant medicines, healthful food energy and connected approaches.

We’ll clarify what is happening in the digestive system and how this influences systemic health, and learn about herbs that support and promote effective liver, digestion and urinary system health with a specific focus on digestive bitters, anti-infective, soothing and healing herbs and detoxifiers.

All welcome - whether you’re new to some of these ideas/conversations or want to contribute of your own body of knowledge.

Facilitated by Rasheeqa Ahmad

Did You Know

If you pay for your course in full now you will receive a discount of £5.

If you are a Southwark resident of more than 2 years, you are eligible for a free course each year.

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