1. How do I book a workshop?
    Select the workshop and the date you would like to attend, this will take you to a list of ticket types. From the list select the one that applies to you. Complete the booking form and the payment page and you will be booked on for one of our workshops.
  2. What if I don't have internet access?
    No problem! You are always welcome to come to the Garden and book using one of our computers or you can call us on 020 7582 2652 and we can complete the order over the phone.
  3. Why is my form not being accepted?
    There are specific areas on the form that we require to be filled out in order for it to be processed. Scroll back through the form and see if any of the areas have been flagged up.
  4. Why is my card not being accepted?
    In this event please try another card or call 020 7582 2652 or email nicola@walworthgarden.org.uk
  5. What is the £10 booking fee?
    The £10 is a refundable booking fee. The £10 contributes toward the administration in booking and is refundable.
  6. When do I get my booking fee refunded?
    If you have attended the workshop, your booking fee will be refunded into your account on the first working day after the workshop.
  7. What happens to my booking fee if I cancel?
    You can always cancel your place on the workshop, in order for us to be able to refund the £10 booking fee you would have to give us 48 hours notice. This also goes for people of other boroughs & on benefits who have paid. 
  8. Who do I contact if I want to cancel?
    Call Nicola Smyth on 020 7582 2652 or email nicola@walworthgarden.org.uk
  9. Why do I need to provide the information on the form?
    As part of our funding agreement with Southwark Council, which allows us to offer a quota of free places, we require attendees to complete the form.
  10. What do you do with the information provided?
    The information provided will be passed onto Southwark Council.
  11. What if I want to attend more than one workshop?
    You are welcome to attend multiple workshops, however please be aware that if you are entitle to a free workshop, you are only eligible for one each academic year. You can book on to any workshop as a paying attendee by selecting 'Resident of any borough'. If you are attending a workshop as a 'Resident of any borough on JSA/ESA' you are only entitled to attend one at a discounted rate each academic year.
  12. Can I attend a workshop for free if I am already attending a Work Based Horticulture course at Walworth Garden?
    Yes. You can attend a free 10 hour workshop alongside the Horticulture course.
  13. Which benefits qualify?
    We will give a discounted rate to any resident on JSA (Job Seekers Allowance) or ESA (Employment Support Allowance). However you are only entitled to use this discount for one workshop each academic year.
  14. How do I know what time my workshop starts and finishes?
    On each workshop page there is a section titled 'What you need to know' you will find all your workshop times an information in that section.
  15. Where are the workshop held?
    The majority workshops are held at the Garden, go to our Visit Us page to see our full address and travel options. Click here. However we run bespoke workshops for groups which can be site specific.