A Gateway To Happiness

Your whole being wants you to be well, happy and healthy! Every cell is alive and trying to get you to that healthy balanced place. “Focusing” is a way of tapping into both what’s stuck in you and what’s most alive. It leads to greater empathy and self-compassion and can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. This unfolding requires deliberate attention and focus but allowing this inner process to unfold gives you the ability to direct your life more easily.

“Focusing” was developed through extensive research by Eugene Gendlin and colleagues.  In this workshop you will learn the basic practice of Focusing and some simple ways of incorporating it into your life. It will help you become more in touch with your core self and open to the possibilities of life fully lived.

Meet Alex Brew

Alex Brew is a British Focusing Association (BFA) Focusing Practitioner and is an insured and qualified member of the BFA. She introduces Focusing to individuals and groups. After 6 years of therapy and while studying to become a counsellor she found Gendlin’s book on Focusing and immediately switched to studying Focusing. This was driven by some of her own concerns about the practice of therapy and counselling including the power dynamic, the collection of information which could be shared with authorities and the cost. Unlike counselling Focusing can be effective without the need to share the details of your particular situation, it encourages participants to develop their own solo or peer-to-peer Focusing practice and after simple instruction is clear from the beginning that the Focuser – not the listener/practitioner - knows what is best in their own situation.

She combines Focusing and an active art practice where she develops her appreciation for all aspects of the world including trees , mountains and everything that is felt but not visible. She has worked and volunteered in grassroots community organising for a decade and is currently involved in housing rights, housing co-operatives and anti-fracking work. She believes that in a world where powerful governmental and corporate forces are making us manageable and distancing us from life in every way possible, developing resilience in our inner lives, and community lives is vital.  

What You Need To Know

No previous experience is required!

All materials are provided

Focusing is a two day workshop that runs on Fridays 18:00 - 21:00 & Saturdays at 10:00 - 17:00

The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page


New dates coming for 2019/20

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