Garden Centre

“lots of great plants at really reasonable prices, and they give top advice. Couldn't recommend it more highly.”

Good quality terracotta pots, compost and a whole load of plants, deciduous and evergreen, of various sizes to suit all budgets.
Enjoy a walk around the Garden with a hot drink and try the varieties of honey we sell all year round! 

Call us on 020 7582 2652 and speak to our friendly staff.

Free advice from our team of professional Gardeners 7 days a week!

“A beautifully peaceful and soothing garden filled to the brim with a variety of gorgeous flora”

  • Outdoor Plants

  • Indoor Plants

  • Compost & Plant Feed

  • Local Honey

  • Seasonal Produce

  • Gifts

“Amazing place, Beautiful garden & friendly staff”


Walworth Garden 206 Manor Place SE17 3BN