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Knowledge & Nurture for the Walworth community and beyond
Job Description - Garden Manager
Salary:  £23-£30K dependant on knowledge and experience

Walworth Garden is a unique and complex little charity that has served the community for over 30 years.
We work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our community and help them to succeed in their ambitions. Our Horticultural Therapy offer,'GROW!' tackles loneliness, isolation, mental health and well-being. All on the increase in our societies. Our accredited Horticultural Training Centre helps those who are furthest from employment to gain confidence and most importantly a qualification. Once qualified our Garden Services Division recruits Apprentices and Trainee Gardeners to work on the gardens of Southwark and beyond. Our aim is to broaden skill set, empower and raise confidence so that our trainees go on to lifelong careers in horticulture. 
Open to everyone 7 days a week, our award-winning community garden operates on organic principles and provides a tranquil oasis in the heart of Southwark. 

Our Mission is: To improve lives by providing excellent learning and horticultural therapy through a garden  that's open to all.

Purpose of the Job
To be responsible for the day to day operations of the organisation’s horticultural activities, ensuring that appropriate systems are in place to meet the organisation’s evolving needs and that the ethos of the garden is adhered to in all its activities.

To deputise for the CEO/Head Gardener in their absence on request.

The Garden is a small organisation and employees are expected to be reasonably flexible so that the evolving needs of all stakeholders are met.

Specific responsibilities

  • To lead on First Aid 

4 Key areas

Walworth Garden Services Division 

  • To lead the day to day management of gardening staff, vehicles and equipment, ensuring that all resources are targeted to best effect and that Health and Safety is always paramount.
  • To visit sites on a rotational basis and lead on the quality assurance of all gardening work carried out by the Garden Services team, responding effectively to any lapses in quality and ensuring clients are responded to, appropriately and within 24 hours so that reputation is maintained
  • To ensure that all gardening work is administered and managed efficiently and that record keeping is accurate and transparent, so that WGSD gains maximum revenue from its funding sources.
  • To actively seek new opportunities in gardening work for the Charity
  • To use prior knowledge and experience to lead on WGSD projects where appropriate and/or necessary

The Community Garden       

  • To lead with vision and knowledge on the propagation, cultivation and importing of relevant stock so that both the Garden Centre and the Walworth Garden Services Division has the stock it needs to operate at optimum efficiency. 
  • To direct horticulture students and volunteers effectively so that the Garden and the Garden Centre are cost effective and that the reputation of both continue to grow
  • To liaise with the CEO/Head Gardener and staff in the creative maintenance of the Garden so that it is presented at its best to visitors at all times of year and particularly when special events such as London in Bloom, Open Garden Squares and other events are taking place
  • To identify areas of the Garden that need improvement, liaise with the CEO/Head Gardener, staff, Horticulture students and volunteers to make changes both to the design, hard and soft landscaping so that the Garden continues to be of public interest, horticultural merit and can withstand ever-increasing footfall.
  • To play a significant role in progressing the garden/building extension and the image the Garden presents to the community
  • To liaise with the CEO/Head Gardener, staff and volunteers to continue to build the reputation of the Garden Centre as a place that sells good quality, unusual plants that are sold by knowledgeable and caring staff and/or volunteers to an ever changing demographic
  • To liaise and then lead on the evolving presentation of the Garden Centre and its stock so that it maintains and increases both visitor numbers and revenue

Horticultural Training

  • To teach, assess and administer horticulture courses liaising with the Senior Tutor as appropriate and ensuring students graduate to satisfy both student and funder requirements
  • To support the Senior Tutor in ensuring schemes of work and lesson plans are high quality and that Teaching and Learning are both outstanding
  • To run workshops in Introduction to Gardening and site specific gardening workshops, as required


  • To liaise with the Marketing Assistant to increase the number of active volunteers and corporate volunteer groups and then lead on both
  • To maximise the use of all volunteers; organising and scheduling to best effect and making sure that volunteer numbers and hours continue to grow so that the Garden can operate cost effectively and that volunteers feel valued.

Joint responsibilities

  • Compliance with Health and Safety regulations and the Garden Services work based risk assessments, in particular when working on external sites, ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to ensure personal safety, the safety of other staff, volunteers and the public at all times
  • The security and prevention of damage to the Garden, Garden buildings, vehicles, tools, equipment and stock owned or in use by the Garden.
  • Under direction, the maintenance of the Garden site, including keeping the buildings and vehicles clean and in good condition
  • Responding appropriately to enquiries about the Garden and its work from the public community, groups or other organisations
  • Compliance with Walworth Garden’s Equal Opportunities and all other policies and procedures

Person Specification

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