Houseplants 101

The Houseplants 101 workshop is an opportunity for those caring for or killing houseplants to learn how to keep them looking their best, debunking houseplant myths and demonstrating how propagate some classic houseplants at home on a windowsill, in the classroom and greenhouse at Walworth Garden. 

The workshop will cover choosing the right plant for the right space, signs that your houseplant is ready for a bigger pot + how to repot, watering requirements and easy propagation techniques as well as a trouble-shooting session at the end of the workshop. 

Meet George Hudson

George has been pottering his way through gardens ever since he learnt how to walk. At 4 he was scaling the the dry stone wall at the end of his garden to ‘help’ the neighbouring market gardeners by pulling up carrots to be bunched and leaving them on the ground… at 11 the Market Garden offered him a weekend job, where he would stay for the next 8 years, learning all the tricks of the horticultural trade from three generations of fruit, flower and vegetable growers. George has also run his own business, producing potted herbs for local retailers and wholesale markets, as well as designing and constructing a range of gardens and landscapes. In London he has worked on projects at the Chelsea Flower Show and Chelsea fringe, a department store roof garden, and contributes regularly to the gardening magazine with a difference, RakesProgress. His experience to date makes him the perfect person to guide you through the basic ABC’s of gardening and kick-start your passion for plants.

 What you need to know

  • No previous experience is required!

  • Bring photos / videos of your house plants or house plant problems for the trouble-troubleshooting session

  • Come in clothes suitable for repotting house plants.

  • House Plants 101 is a one day workshop from 10:00 - 15:00

  • The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page

  • The one day workshop is £60



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