Introduction to Herbal Medicine

This two day workshop touches on some of the history and politics of Herbal Medicine and explores the paradigms and practices of holistic approaches to health and to using plants.

We’ll look at a range of kitchen and wild growing herbs for common ailments, learn about all the various preparation methods, do one or more in-depth herb studies and a herb walk to identify some medicinal plants growing in the garden and neighbourhood. 

All welcome, whether you are completely new to Herbal Medicine or want to deepen your connection and/or share of your own knowledge/experiences.

Meet Rasheeqa

Rasheeqa is a community medical herbalist based in east London with 5 years’ experience of facilitating group learning and teaching short and long courses in many aspects of herbal medicine. She is passionate about collaborative and participatory herbalism in the community with a focus on sharing and exchanging healing traditions between the diverse cultures and knowledge of London. She is currently initiating a community apothecary project in Walthamstow - Community Herbal Hands - which seeks to develop networks of medicinal plant cultivation, harvesting, preparing, knowledge-sharing and use for health and well being support in our neighbourhoods.

What you need to know

  • No previous experience is required!

  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine is a two day workshop 

  • Everything will be provided on the day

  • The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page

  • The two day workshop is £90



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