Introduction to Herbal Medicine

"Excellent workshop!"

This two day workshop touches on some of the history and politics of Herbal Medicine and explores the paradigms and practises of holistic approaches to health and to using plants.

We’ll look at a range of kitchen and wild growing herbs for common ailments, learn about all the various preparation methods, do one or more in-depth herb studies and a herb walk to identify some medicinal plants growing in the garden and neighbourhood. 

All welcome, whether you are completely new to Herbal Medicine or want to deepen your connection and/or share of your own knowledge/experiences.

Brilliant! The teacher was amazing!

Meet Lisa

Lisa is passionate about all of us having information, tools and resources in our own hands to make empowered decisions, and in exploring what health really means together in the broadest sense of the word - emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and politically. She's been weaving that interest through workshops and information exchanges in all sorts of community settings and also into a book about feminist health. She's especially interested in reintegrating the use of plant medicine with bodywork and other traditional medicine practices, and in deconstructing some of the stories we are offered about our bodies and ourselves by bio-medicine. She is part of the Radical Herbalism Gathering: and the Radical Bodywork Network:

What you need to know

No previous experience is required!

Introduction to Herbal Medicine is a two day workshop 

Everything will be provided on the day

The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page

The two day workshop is £90



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