Butterflies & Moths of South London

Run in association with the Butterfly Conservation Trust, Butterflies & Moths of South London is a one-day workshop in which you’ll discover more about these beautiful insects, and how they are thriving -or not thriving- in the local area. You will learn:

  • What butterflies and moths you might come across in South London, and where to go to see them

  • The butterflies of Burgess Park

  • How to operate a moth trap, and start identifying moths

  • How parks and gardens can be managed to benefit wildlife, particularly butterflies

  • How to get involved with the conservation and celebration of butterflies and moths more generally

After an introduction, you will inspect the moths that have been caught in a light trap overnight and learn how to identify them. The moths are not harmed and we will safely release them afterwards. 

You will take part in the Big Butterfly Count, a nationwide survey organised by the Butterfly Conservation Trust aimed at helping us assess the health of our environment. Launched in 2010, it has rapidly become the world's biggest survey of butterflies⁠—in 2019 over 100,000 people took part.

There will also be a guided walk through nearby Burgess Park, where over 20 species of butterfly have been seen in recent years, following a shift towards being managed more sensitively for wildlife. Hopefully we will see some of these butterflies flying, and can discuss how the changes to the Park have benefited them.

The workshop will finish with a tour of Walworth Garden itself, where we will discuss how the garden is managed to benefit wildlife in general, and butterflies in particular.


Meet Simon Saville

Simon is a lifelong butterfly enthusiast and local resident. He is passionate about London’s wildlife and the green spaces that support them. Many people are surprised that London is over 47% green space, and also that it is rich in wildlife. Simon has spent the last few years exploring the green spaces of south London for wildlife, and the emerging message is that butterflies and moths are spreading their range. He is keen to encourage people to get out and explore the parks and green spaces around them, and for boroughs to do more to make our parks better for wildlife.

He is Chair of the Surrey & SW London Branch of Butterfly Conservation (www.butterfly-conservation.org/surrey) and a committee member of the London Beekeepers’ Association (www.lbka.org.uk). He volunteers at the Walworth Garden Apiary. Follow him on Twitter @sbsaville.  

What you need to know

  • No previous experience is required!

  • Moths & Butterflies is a one day workshop from 10:00 - 15:00

  • All equipment will be provided on the day.

  • The workshop is held at the Garden, you can find details on how to get here via our Your Visit page.

  • The two day workshop is £60



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