Natural Soap Making

The Soap Making workshop is designed for those who are curious about how soap is made or who want to embark in a creative and useful hobby. Roxana will teach you techniques that will help you make exquisite soaps in your own home.

Using the cold press method along with vegetable oils, essential oils and herbs you will create your own unique soap to enjoy at home or give as a gift. Suitable for vegans!

You will learn:

  • The basics of how soap is made

  • The best ingredients to use and what suppliers to use

  • How long to cure it for

  • How to use natural colours

  • How to make your own unique fragrance with essential oils and herbs

  • What equipment is the best for soap making

  • How to use a lye calculator

Meet Roxana Rosmanitz

Roxana has started her natural soap making adventure 6 years ago with two of her cousins. Roxana started looking for a new hobby which would offer her a way to experiment and use her creativity, and a passion for natural products. It wasn’t long until she fell in love with soap making after remembering her Mother make it during her childhood. Since then she has been experimenting with different types of soaps and ingredients, and she still loves to create new types of soaps. She loves to make natural soap for herself and to gifts her soap to family and friends. Since using natural soap, she has seen a significant improvement in her skin which doesn't feel as dry and flaky as it did before creating her own soaps. She is hooked! She gets a lot of pleasure from teaching people about cold process soaping and has been organizing natural soap classes for 3 years, teaching people how to make their own soap.

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What You Need To Know

  • No previous experience needed!

  • Wear long sleeved tops to protect your forearms

  • At Walworth Garden, we promote sustainability so please bring containers you can use to take the soap home. The best containers are: Pringles box with lid or a takeaway box with plastic foil/a large cloth to wrap the box in.

  • All the rest of the materials and ingredients will be provided

  • Refreshments will be provided throughout

  • The workshop is taking place at the Garden, go to our Visit Us page for more details on how to find us.

  • The workshop is £60



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