Mathew Watterson - Chair

Mathew Watterson is a Sales Director for the book publisher Penguin Random House. He combats his love of literature and reading with a keen interest in the outdoors, including a love for ultra-marathons having run the Spine Race, MdS and The Royal Parks Ultra. He is a vegetarian who loves gardening and is focused on growing food sustainably.


Susan Gent - Secretary

Tina Lewis

Tina became a trustee in February 2017 and volunteers at the Garden at weekends and during school holidays. Tina has a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies. She has worked at an academy in Slough, Berkshire for 7 years as PA to a Vice Principal and Headteacher, and is Clerk to the Trust. She also sits on a Parochial Church Council, a Youth Committee and Social & Funding Raising group. Tina is married with 3 children and has 3 grandchildren. Her interests involve enjoying the theatre, visiting National Trust properties and Reading.

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Hope Hadfield

Hope was born around the corner from the Garden, which her father helped found in 1987. She has been a trustee for several years, during which time she has consumed a lot of local honey, learnt how to keep bees (although not yet attempted to put this skill to use in her third-floor flat), and just about managed to keep a house-plant alive, all thanks to a lot of advice from the Garden's brilliant horticulturists.


Rebekah Carr

Rebekah became a Trustee in November 2017 but has enjoyed the Garden for much longer, including by taking part in a honey harvest and bee-keeping course. Rebekah is a scientist by training and has a PhD in embryology, but now works for the Civil Service. In her free time Rebekah enjoys travelling, baking, and visiting the theatre.


Richard Galpin

Richard Galpin is an artist, working on projects that are a hybrid of art, horticulture and local history. He founded the Alberta Fruit Commons with the Alberta Tenants and Residents Association which uses the growing and sharing of fruit as way of building community resilience. Richard is lead artist for the Kennington Chartist Project, on the steering group for the London Freedom Seed Bank, and is an active member of the Walworth Society. He lives with his family nearby, and from his small backyard is breeding 'The Bloody Marvel', a new variety of red speckled lettuce.


Kevin Williamson


Kristen Guida