Become a Trustee


Walworth Garden is a South London Charity whose mission is to improve lives by providing excellent learning and horticultural therapy through a garden that’s open to all. We aim to be a highly stimulating, valued and life enhancing garden that’s sustainable and growing for the future.

At an exciting time of growth for Walworth Garden we are looking to expand our dynamic team of trustees.

We are particularly looking for trustees with experience in the following areas:

Capital Projects

Nearby building developments, and work to the public realm, gives us a great potential opportunity to develop the site and potentially even a new building. Feasibility studies are underway. Do you have experience of negotiating or delivering this kind of capital project to to provide Walworth Garden with the facilities it needs for the next 30 years?!

Business Development

Do you have experience of growing small businesses? As well as traditional charity funding streams Walworth Garden is diversifying its income streams, which helps give real world experience to our trainees. Our new garden centre, garden services division, and paid workshops are all growing fast. Could you help to guide the expansion of these opportunities for self-reliance in a way that is appropriate to our core charitable aims?


Do you have a good understanding of the landscape of small charity funding streams? Could you look at our funding streams and identify opportunities we might be missing? Could you mentor our in-house fundraiser?


Walworth Garden is situated in an area that is changing fast - driven by development at Elephant and Castle. This gives us exciting new opportunities to engage new residents in the area, and potential new income streams. But these same changes also create greater pressures on some existing community groups, who risk becoming increasingly marginalised. Do you have connections to specific local groups or communities? Could  you help us to reach out to specific groups, and help us to ensure that the activities and services we offer continue to engage the full diversity of local people.

Human Resources

Although a small organisation, the HR matters are relatively complex involving a mixture of staff, apprentices, trainees, and volunteers. For day-to-day matters we use a paid HR service but for serious consideration of contracts, pay, disciplinaries, training and development, someone with in depth HR experience would be particularly valuable.


Do you have experience of leading growing organisations and showing strong leadership at board level? We are currently planning for the succession of our current chair within the next 6 months.



What are trustees responsible for?

● Ensure their charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit

● Comply with their charity’s governing document and the law

● Act in their charity’s best interests

● Manage their charity’s resources responsibly

● Act with reasonable care and skill

● Ensure their charity is accountable



How much time and commitment is required?

You are likely to be a busy person (after all ‘want something done, ask a busy person’). Trustees are expected to attend monthly Board meetings. which take place in the evening from 7pm at Walworth Garden on the third Wednesday of each month. Trustees are expected to take time to review the papers carefully ahead of trustee meetings. Papers will include a finance report, KPIs and a CEO report. In addition trustees are expected to take on some additional duties. These may be specific to your expertise (e.g. the treasurer will review accounts, or an HR expert may be requested to advise on specific issues) or more general, such as contributing to the development of a strategic document. There is a minimum time commitment of approximately 4 hours a month.



The current board

The board of trustees has been refreshed recently, with most of the current board joining within the last two years. We have a range of experience from arts and school administration, to law and community gardening, construction and green infrastructure. We also have strong links to the community with one board member being involved in the founding of the garden 30 years ago! See here for the current line up.


We welcome people with no experience of being a trustee and training in the duties of being a trustee is available if requested.
We welcome people from all walks of life with a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds, and look forward to hearing what relevant experiences you may be able to bring to the Garden.

For further details of the recruitment procedure, please download the Trustee Recruitment Document here (PDF)